Silloge Park golf club Dublin

Silloge Park golf course Dublin

Silloge Park Golf Course

Silloge Park Club Crest

In 1984 Dublin City Council took its first step into public golf course design and construction when they opened a 9-Hole Public Golf Course that was to be known as Silloge Park. The original design was done by Owen Ward of Dublin City Council’s Parks Department. Today, the grounds of the facility are maintained to extremely high standards by Head Green Keeper Niall O’Reilly and his team of dedicated staff from Dublin City Council.

In 1995 the public golf course was extended to 18 Holes with a major re-design and development taking place due to the construction of the M50 Motorway. In fact only 5 of the original 9-Holes were kept. Since, the redevelopment Silloge Park Public Golf Course has flourished and become one of the most popular public golf courses in the Ireland. It provides golfers with an enjoyable, fair test of golf in a wonderful parkland setting, at exceptional value for money.

The clubhouse pavilion at Silloge Park Public Golf Course was officially opened in 2001 by Lord Mayor of Dublin Maurice Ahern. It now provides golfers with a warm, friendly and relaxed environment in which they can enjoy some light refreshments after their round of golf.

The Christy O'Connor Golf Club originated out of Hollystown Golf Club but relocated to its present address at Silloge Golf Course, for reasons I'm not sure of. Silloge is an, municipal course that has become the spiritual home for this bunch of intrepid golfers. The reason for the formation of the club was simply the price of joining a golf club in the Grater Dublin Area became prohibitive for the ordinary golfer. So the Christy O'Connor Club was born with Christy O'Connor "Himself" as President and his lovely wife Mary as Lady President.

The course measures 5,924 metres with a Par 71 and a standard scratch of 69 off the white stakes. The ladies course is somewhat shorter at 4,899 with a Par 70 and standard scratch as the men's course.

The club has a functional clubhouse with snacks available.

Green Fees Midweek: €19.20
Green Fees Weekends & B.H.: €20
Green Fees with a Member: €12.50
Green Fees for Opens: N/A
Practice Area: Yes
Club Hire: €15
Buggy Hire: €25
Soft Spikes: No
Full Membership Available: Yes
Full Membership Fee: €630
Entrance Fee: None
Course Type Parkland
No Holes 18
Members 303
Designer G. Barry & E. Warde
Founded 1996

Silloge Park Golf Course,
Ballymun Road,
Co. Dublin

Telephone 01-8429956
Website Silloge Park golf club website
Secretary/Manager: Darren Morris
Captain: Brendan McCourt
Lady Captain:  
Hon. Secretary: Ravi Nookadee
Club Pro: None
Hon. Treasurer: Garrett Donnery
Comp. Secretary: Brendan McCourt
Silloge Park Golf Course Layout Course Layout

Location Map

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General Facts & Information

Course opening hours: Daylight hours Clubhouse opening hours: 10.00am to 10.00pm
Mobile phones: Not on course
Dress Code: Neat and casual, no denim
Catering: Snacks Days to Avoid: Sundays & Bank Holidays
Green Fees and Societies Welcome: Other days Pre-booking for open Tournaments: N/A

Silloge Park Golf Club Fixtures 2018 provisional*

Open & Major Fixtures 2018 (to be Confirmed)

Event Start Finish Type Duration
Captain's Prize Sunday 24 June   Closed
President's Prize Sunday 12 August
  Closed 1

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Card of the Course

White Par 71 SSS 69 5,946 m
Yellow Par 70 SSS 68 5,547 m
Red Par 70 SSS 69 4,899 m


Name Hole No. White Yellow Par Index Red Par Index
Big Challenge 1 397 346 4 4 299 4 4
Santry River 2 164 156 3 10 148 3 10
Mighty Monster 3 440 394 5 7 304 4 7
Silloge Lane 4 350 332 4 12 291 4 12
The Barn 5 505 494 5 5 388 5 5
Old Stand 6 298 280 4 16 251 4 16
The Bowl 7 123 111 3 15 111 3 15
Christy's Choice 8 416 404 4 1 338 4 1
The Pitch 9 116 108 3 17 108 3 17
  Out 2,809 2,625 35   1,238 34  
Valley View 10 397 356 4 2 356 4 2
Big Carry 11 375 338 4 8 253 4 8
Runway 12 500 483 5 3 442 5 3
Hooker's Dread 13 156 136 3 13 137 3 13
The Avenue 14 308 293 4 14 288 4 14
Faders Fancy 15 348 332 4 11 318 4 11
Long Haul 16 377 355 4 9 303 4 9
Monkey Puzzle 17 305 275 4 18 225 4 18
Last Chance 18 371 354 4 6 338 4 6


2,922 36   2,661 36  
  Total 5,946 5,547 71   4,899 70  
  SSS 70 68     69    

Members Achievements

History of Silloge Park

Silloge Park Golf Course opened as a 9-hole golf course in 1984. It was designed by Owen Ward of the Dublin City Council, Parks Department. The legendary Christy O Connor Senior opened the course and performed the first drive. 

The course was very different then. The first hole is now the Index 1, 8th. The ticket office was on the other side of the gap in the hedge behind the tee box. The car park was near the yard and the present 3rd & 4th were football pitches. The 2nd & 3rd then are now the existing 9th & 10th. As you walk down the hill on the 10th fairway you will see a bench at the end of the trees on the left hand side. This was the tee box for the original 4th hole. It went straight towards Ballymun and a big aerial was the line. The existing 11th & 2nd were the 5th & 6th. The 7th went out by the practise ground behind the present 2nd. This hole is no more. The original 8th is now the M50 southbound. You then finished the 9th which was from the existing 5th tee and it went to the existing 7th green crossing the 1st tee. Back then, you played our index 1 twice. 

The layout of the 9 holes was altered in 1988. The present 6th hole became the 1st.

The hedge behind the 6th green went the full length and prevented the present 7th being used in this layout. You then followed the existing 8th, 9th, 10 th, 11th & 2nd. The original 7th & 8th were still in place prior to the M50. The original 4th hole now disappeared. The final hole was still off the same tee box (5th) but the existing 5th green was introduced to complete the 9 holes.

The ticket box was moved in 1994 near to today’s front gate with the start of the construction of the M50. It became a 18 hole course in 1995. The original 7th & 8th were lost to the M50. The football pitches became the 3rd & 4th. The hedge behind the 6th green was cleared in front of the 7th green to open a par 3. The newly constructed holes included 12 through to 18 and the first. Only 5 of the original holes are in use at present. 2009 will see a new 9th hole being introduced into general play.  

The clubhouse was built in 2001 and the legendary ticket office and coloured ticket system ceased. In the early days there were four greens fees. 18 holes was £ 5 (White ticket). 9 holes for £ 3 (Pink ticket). Unemployed/ retired 18 holes £ 2 (Green ticket) and finally Unemployed/retired 9 holes for £ 1 (Blue ticket). Green staff from those days will tell you that they knew how well the economy was by the colour of the majority of the tickets. The special rate was up to 4.30PM Monday to Fridays but was amended to 12 noon when golfers who when asked to show their labour card gave the excuse that they left it in work!!!

Roll of Honour

Member Year Hon. Position
Christy O'Connor 1996 President
Mary O'Connor 1997 Ladies President
Christy O'Connor 1997 President
Mary O'Connor 1998 Ladies President
Christy O'Connor 1998 President
Mary O'Connor 1999 Ladies President
Christy O'Connor 1999 President
Elennor Kearney 2000 Ladies Captain
Leo Lennon Maher 2000 Men's Captain
Christy O'Connor 2000 President
Elennor Kearney 2001 Ladies Captain
Mary O'Connor 2001 Ladies President
Leo Lennon Maher 2001 Men's Captain
Christy O'Connor 2001 President
Mrs. Elennor Kearney 2002 Ladies Captain
Mary O'Connor 2002 Ladies President
Ben Finley 2002 Men's Captain
Christy O'Connor 2002 President
  2003 Ladies Captain
Mary O'Connor 2003 Ladies President
Mr. Leo Lennon-Maher 2003 Men's Captain
Christy O'Connor 2003 President
Jacinta Kiernan 2004 Ladies Captain
Mary O'Connor 2004 Ladies President
Peter Grogan 2004 Men's Captain
Christy O'Connor 2004 President
Jacinta Kiernan 2005 Ladies Captain
Mary O'Connor 2005 Ladies President
Peter Grogan 2005 Men's Captain
Christy O'Connor 2005 President
  2006 Ladies Captain
Mary O'Connor 2006 Ladies President
Donal Craig 2006 Men's Captain
Christy O'Connor 2006 President
  2007 Ladies Captain
Mary O'Connor 2007 Ladies President
  2007 Men's Captain
Christy O'Connor 2007 President
  2008 Ladies Captain
Mary O'Connor 2008 Ladies President
Joseph Whelan 2008 Men's Captain
Christy O'Connor 2008 President
Eleanor Kearney 2009 Ladies Captain
Mary O'Connor 2009 Ladies President
  2009 Men's Captain
Christy O'Connor 2009 President
Eleanor Kearney 2010 Ladies Captain
Mary O'Connor 2010 Ladies President
Joseph Whelan  2010 Men's Captain
Christy O'Connor 2010 President
Rita Glynn 2011 Ladies Captain
Mary O'Connor 2011 Ladies President
Martin Kennedy 2011 Men's Captain
Christy O'Connor 2011 President
Mary Caden 2012 Ladies Captain
Pat Caden 2012 Men's Captain
Peter Grogan 2012 President
Muriel Lowry 2013 Ladies Captain
Ray Ennis 2013 Men's Captain
Peter Grogan 2013 President
Nancy Noone 2014 Ladies Captain
Robert Armstrong 2014 Men's Captain
Peter Grogan 2014 President
Nancy Noone
2015 Ladies Captain
Mark Lawrence 2015 Men's Captain
Peter Grogan 2015 President
Deirdre Nolan
2016 Ladies Captain
Gerry Day 2016 Men's Captain
 Tony Nugent 2016 President
Eleanor Kearney 2017 Ladies Captain
Tony Nugent 2017 Men's Captain
  2017 President
  2018 Ladies Captain
Brendan McCourt 2018 Men's Captain
  2018 President
Christine Armanasco (4) 2018 Lowest Ladie's H'cap
Kevin Canavan (4) 2018 Lowest Men's Handicap

Holes in One at Silloge Park

Member Date Hole No. Club Used Distance
John Fogarty 4 August 2013 7th   123 m
Pat Behan 14 May 2013 9th   116 m
James O'Toole 5 March 2013 9th   116 m
Mary Carmody 25 October 2012 13th   137 m
Maurice Murphy 24 March 2012 13th   137 m
Brian Buckley 7 January 2012 2nd   164 m
Joe Walsh 7 August 2011 7th   123 m
Mary Hand 24 March 2011 9th   108 m
Bill Craig 20 January 2011 13th   142 m
John Bradshaw 3 May 2010 9th   116 m
Sean Brady 20 June 2010 9th   116 m
Kevin Glynn 24 April 2007 10th   164 m
Pat Caden 4 October 2005 13th   156 m
Paul Fallon 7 September 2002 15th   123 m
Finbar Jordan 14 May 2002 9th   116 m
David Dolan 17 June 2001 7th   124 m
John Fogarty   7th   124 m
Pat Behan
  9th   116 m