Mahee Island golf club Down

Mahee Island golf course Down

Mahee Island Golf Course

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Mahee Island Golf Club is a 9-hole Parkland course set on an Island in existence since 1929 and designed by a Mr. Robinson it measures 5,822 yards with a Par 71 and a SSS 70  off the men's tees. The ladies course is not much shorter at 5,564 yards and a Par 72 SSS 71.

Mahee Island has some magnificent views of Strangford Lough and has the distinction of appointing the legendry Fred Daly as its first professional, the story goes that Fred used practice his chipping into a hole in one of the trees that still stand on the first fairway (What a pity Harry Bradshaw didn't practice playing out of a bottle, then we would have had two Open Champions!)

Mahee has no bar but meals can be arranged if booked in advance.

Green Fees Midweek: £N/A
Green Fees Weekends & B.H.: £N/A
Green Fees with a Member: £N/A
Green Fees for Opens: £N/A
Practice Area: Yes
Club Hire: No
Buggy Hire: No
Soft Spikes: No
Full Membership Available: Yes
Full Membership Fee: £450
Full Ladies Membership Fee: £456
Full 6-Days Membership Fee: £330
Full Junior Membership Fee: £125
Course Type Links
No Holes 9
Members 382
Designer Mr. Robinson
Founded 1929

14 Mahee Island,
Co. Down
BT23 6EP

Telephone 028-97-541234
Website Mahee Island golf club website
Hon. Secretary: Arnold Andrews
Captain: Andy McMasters
Lady Captain: Maeve Bogie
Presidents': Mervyn Marshall & Ann Hamilton
Hon. Secretary: Arnold Andrews & Paulien Maguire
Club Pro: None
Hon. Treasurer: John McMillen & Dorothy Mallon
Comp. Secretary: James Johnston & Ruth Buckley
Mahee Island Golf Course Layout Course Layout

Location Map

GPS Coord*
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General Facts & Information

Course opening hours: Daylight hours Clubhouse opening hours: 9.00am to 5.30pm
Mobile phones: Not on course
Dress Code: Neat and casual, jacket and tie required evenings
Catering: Meals by arrangement - no bar Days to Avoid: Saturdays
Green Fees and Societies Welcome: Other days Pre-booking for open Tournaments:14 Days in advance

Mahee Island Golf Club Fixtures 2021 provisional*

Open & Major Fixtures 2020 (to be Confirmed)        
Event Start Finish Type Duration
Vice-Captain's Prize Saturday 2 May
  Closed 1
Captain's Prize Saturday 6 June   Closed 1
Lady Captain's Prize Friday 3 July   Closed 1
President's Prize Saturday 8 August   Closed 1
Lady President's Prize Monday 10 August   Closed 1
Seniors 50+ Friday 4 April   Open 1
Maheen Classic
Saturday 18 April   Open 1
Seniors 50+ Friday 1 May   Open 1
Ladies Spring Open
Monday 18 May   Open 1
Ladies Seniors 50+ Thursday 28 May
  Open 1
Seniors Singles Stableford 50+ Friday 29 May
  Open 1
Ladies Seniors 50+ Thursday 4 June   Open 1
Ladies Singles Stableford Monday 22 June   Open 1
Seniors 50+ Friday 26 June
  Open 1
Seniors Singles Stableford 50+ Friday 3 July   Open 1
Start of Open Week Saturday 4 July Wednesday 8 July Open 5
Strokes Saturday 4 July   Open 1
Mixed Greensomes Sunday 5 July   Open 1
Ladies Stableford Monday 6 July   Open 1
Stableford Tuesday 7 July   Open 1
Fourball Betterball Wednesday 8 July   Open 1
Ladies Singles Stableford Monday 27 July
  Open 1
Seniors Singles Stableford 50+ Friday 31 July
  Open 1
3-Ladies Team Event Monday 24 August
  Open 1
Seniors Singles Stableford 50+ Friday 4 September   Open 1
Ladies Seniors 50+ Thursday 17 September   Open 1
Seniors Singles Stableford 50+ Friday 2 October   Open 1

*Please check information before travelling

Card of the Course

White Par 69 SSS 68 5,747 yd's
Red Par 71 SSS 73 5,499 yd's
Green Par 68 SSS 67 5,632 yd's


Name Hole No. White   Par Index Green Par Index Red Par Index
The Kiln 1 332   4 13 332 4 13 321 4 11
The Nook 2 166   3 7
166 3 9 160 3 15
Fred Daly 3 308   4 15 303 4 15 300 4 13
Whinney Bank 4 335   4 11 336 4 11 330 4 12
Dorn Hill 5 386   4 3 386 4 3 340 4 6
Mahee Bay 6 382   4 5 382 4 5 374 4 4
Beecher's Brook 7 448   4 1 436 4 1 430 5 2
Bird Island 8 135   3 17 129 3 17 118 3 18
Nendrum 9 350   4 9
346 4 7 310 4 8
  Out 2,848   34   2,816 34   2,683 35  
The Kiln 10 332   4 14 323 4 14 332 4 7
The Nook 11 166   3 8
166 3 10 166 3 14
Fred Daly 12 311   4 16 303 4 16 310 4 10
Whinney Bank 13 332   4 12 336 4 12 336 4 9
Dorn Hill 14 386   4 2
386 4 4 386 5 16
Mahee Bay 15 382   4 4
382 4 6 385 4 3
Beecher's Brook 16 484   5
436 4 2 436 5 1
Bird Island 17 128   3 18 129 3 18 129 3 17
Nendrum 18 381   4 6
346 4 8 336 4 5
  In 2,905   35   2,816 34   2,816 36  
    2,848   69   2,816 68   2,683 71  
  Total 5,747  
  5,632     5,499
  SSS 68       67     73    

Notable rounds

Men's Course Record: 65 Johnny Stronge

Ladies Course Record: Joyce Gray 72   

Members Achievements

Mahee Island Golf Club won the All-Ireland, Jimmy Bruen Shield at Malone Golf Club in 1991, when the team was, Mervyn Marshall, Robin Mitchell, C. Wilson, R. Dodds, Tom Reid, Lee Robinson, Jackie Bennett, Robert Jellie, William Stewart, Trevor Totten, David Lindsay and Jim Moreland, they were captained by Graham Savage. 

Mahee Island Golf Club won the Ulster Final of Jimmy Bruen Shield in 1988, when the team was, William Stewart, Geoffrey Stevenson, Lee Robinson, M. Moreland, W. Mayne, Mervyn Marshall, S. Glover, William McClement, Tom Reid, Robin Mitchell, Billy Gibson, Robert Jellie and Graham Savage, they were captained by David Lindsay. 

Mahee Island Golf Club won the Holt Shield in 1999, when the team was, L. Boyd, A. Hamilton, J. Stewart, I. Kitchen, J. Bennett, W. McClements, M. Marshall and J. Cooke, they were captained by W. Wilson.

Mahee Island Golf Club won the Holt Shield in 1997, when the team was, M. Marshall, D. Gallagher, S. Rogers, W. McClements, J. Stewart, W. Wilson, T. Gilchrist, A. Hamilton, P. Davidson, W. Wilson, J. Cook and W. Kelly.

Richard Dodds, Mark Sloan and Gordon Hull, the team captain won the Telegraph Trophy in 1992.

The Boys' of Mahee Island Golf Club won the Sargaison Shield in 1995, when the team was, Crawford White, Neil Dines, Warren Dempster and Michael Dines, they were captained by Paul Coey and managed by Stewart Warwick.

History of Mahee Island

In the North Down area during the 1920’s golf could be described as an expanding sport. Although, still considered mainly a recreation for the gentry, it was nevertheless becoming more accessible to the middle classes. It is interesting that during a short period of some 3 years, firstly Carnalea then Mahee Island, followed by Clandeboye, should decide to construct golf courses. Around this time Mr. Stanley Cather, a Belfast businessman built a “week-end” cottage on Mahee Island. Little is known about Mr. Cather as a golfer who, although a member of Ormeau Golf Club, apparently “played little” and was judged to be” of poor ability”. He did, however, realize the potential of the land on the Island being turned into a golf course. This is perhaps not difficult to understand, since Mr. Alex Johnston, landowner, had for some time grazed sheep on the land, the closely cropped grass could have reminded Mr. Cather of the links fairways he had seen on other courses. Many clubs at that time grazed sheep to assist the work of the Greenkeeper. Stanley Cather is rightly credited with the inspiration but it was fortunate that Mr. David Boyd who lived on the Island was a keen sportsman. David Boyd loved sailing and was a keen motorcycle-racing enthusiast but had never played golf, so one can only imagine how Stanley Cather convinced him and indeed the landowner Mr. Alex Johnston, that golf was a possibility. Mr. Johnston became so enthusiastic for the game and for the new Club, that his generosity knew no bounds. He lent the Club his machinery and his workmen; he involved his family and” let” the land at a ridiculously low rent, a little under £1 an acre. Alex Johnston, Stanley Cather, Hugh, John and David Boyd provided all the early momentum needed to establish the Mahee Island Golf Club. Golf was certainly played on Mahee Island in 1929, although the first recorded General Meeting took place in the Andrews Memorial Hall in Comber on Friday 11th April 1930. At that meeting Mr. David Boyd (Hon Secretary) delivered a report of the events of 1929. This report showed that “Mr. Robinson from Bangor was engaged as Course Designer and work began under his supervision on the last week of March. The course was opened for play on 26th June 1929.” Obviously, beautifully manicured courses were not the order of those by-gone days. The report continues, “Two new greens were made, the balance of the greens being left without much work pending the winter season coming on". Mr. Hugh Boyd (brother of David) was President of the Belfast Rotary Club and at his invitation 60 members of the Rotary played the course in July of that year, bringing much needed financial help in green fees. The visitors were impressed, the secretary’s report shows “Those taking part in the Competition while admitting that the course was exceptional for the time spent making it available for play, considered that future work would make the course a nice sporting one.” During that first year no great effort was made to attract members, but to generate necessary finance a “Bond Scheme” was introduced. For £50 a Bondholder and his family could play free of charge, until the bond was redeemed. In the late 1920’s £50 was a considerable amount but still seven gentlemen took up the option, Stanley Cather, James Thompson, George Clark (later Sir George), John Boyd, Hugh Boyd, David Boyd and Dr J C Johnston. When it was discovered that the horse could not pull the Gang Mowers, a tractor was purchased for £95, this was paid for by John and David Boyd until two additional Bond Holders could be found. Records show that only one further Bond was purchased, by Major C Blakiston- Houston who died in the early 1930’s at which time the Bond passed on to his wife. Thanks to the generosity of these gentlemen, the first year in the Mahee Island golfing story passed successfully, even showing a financial balance of 6 Shillings and one penny. William Rennick Robinson, the Course designer, was a businessman in the Linen Industry. He had a very keen interest in golf and greatly influenced the game in the North Down area. He designed the first 9-hole course at Bangor Golf Club in 1903 and was actively involved in the Club for many years. He was also a highly respected member of Royal Belfast serving on the Council there from 1922 until 1926. The Bangor Urban Council after purchasing the Clubhouse and Course from Royal Belfast, engaged Mr. Robinson to design and construct a new 18 hole Course on the site, to be called Carnalea Golf Club. His work on that project received high praise and was completed in just 4 months. In 1929 he designed the layout and supervised the work of John and Hugh Gabbey as they constructed the Course at Mahee Island, completed in 3 months. He then moved on to design the original Course at Clandeboye which was opened for play in 1930. He became very heavily involved with the new Clandeboye Club eventually becoming President, a position he held from 1945 until 1947. William Robinson was a fine “scratch” golfer and is recorded as partnering the famous Harry Vardon in a match against Alex Herd and John Hamill played at Bangor in 1927. It is interesting to know that through William Robinson these four neighbouring Golf Clubs have something in common. Besides being a very busy man he was also generous, for his work at Mahee Island he charged £20,which was the cost of his petrol to and from the course. For his efforts he is recorded as the first honorary life member of the Golf Club.

Roll of Honour

ember Year Hon. Position
E. Hewitt 1990 Ladies Captain
A. Hanna 1990 Ladies' President
T. T. Murphy 1990 Mens Captain
W. L. McMillan 1990 President
J. E. Rodgers 1991 Ladies Captain
A. Hanna 1991 Ladies' President
J. E. Rodgers 1991 Mens Captain
F. A. Gordon 1991 President
M. A. G. McNair 1992 Ladies Captain
A. C. M. Finlay 1992 Ladies' President
J. P. Mulvenna 1992 Mens Captain
W. Kelly 1992 President
M. M. G. Murphy 1993 Ladies Captain
A. C. M. Finley 1993 Ladies' President
R. G. Savage 1993 Mens Captain
W. Kelly 1993 President
C. A. Sythes 1994 Ladies Captain
A. C. M. Finley 1994 Ladies' President
L. Robinson 1994 Mens Captain
W. Kelly 1994 President
Christina A. Loney 1995 Ladies Captain
Patricia Hull 1995 Ladies' President
T. Reid 1995 Mens Captain
W. M. Stevenson 1995 President
P. Valentine 1996 Ladies Captain
Patricia Hull 1996 Ladies' President
T. M. Marshall 1996 Mens Captain
W. M. Stevenson 1996 President
Joyce Gray 1997 Ladies Captain
Patricia Hull 1997 Ladies' President
A. Burgess 1997 Mens Captain
W. M. Stevenson 1997 President
S. J. White 1998 Ladies Captain
Ellen Orr 1998 Ladies' President
C. T. McKeown 1998 Mens Captain
H. McKnight 1998 President
M. C. Mitchell 1999 Ladies Captain
Ellen Orr 1999 Ladies' President
R. Jellie 1999 Mens Captain
H. McKnight 1999 President
Alison Oliver 2000 Ladies Captain
Ellen Orr 2000 Ladies' President
Ivan Wilson 2000 Mens Captain
J. P. Mulvenna 2000 President
Marie Carroll 2001 Ladies Captain
J. Turner 2001 Ladies' President
William Wilson 2001 Mens Captain
Tom Reid 2001 President
Avril Russell 2002 Ladies Captain
J. Turner 2002 Ladies' President
James Cooke 2002 Mens Captain
Tom Reid 2002 President
May Orr 2003 Ladies Captain
E. M. McClements 2003 Ladies' President
Trevor Haslett 2003 Mens Captain
J. S. Hewitt 2003 President
Gail Minnis 2004 Ladies Captain
E. M. McClements 2004 Ladies' President
Phillip Davidson 2004 Mens Captain
Stephen Hewitt 2004 President
June Mitchell 2005 Ladies Captain
A. Logan 2005 Ladies' President
Junior Stewart 2005 Mens Captain
Rodney McCormick 2005 President
  2006 Ladies Captain
  2006 Ladies' President
Adrian Ross 2006 Mens Captain
Rodney McCormick 2006 President
Georgina Johnston 2007 Ladies Captain
  2007 Ladies' President
Colin Commander 2007 Mens Captain
Jim Cooke 2007 President
Georgie Johnston 2008 Ladies Captain
  2008 Ladies' President
Colin Commander 2008 Mens Captain
Jim Cooke 2008 President
Gwen Wilson 2009 Ladies Captain
Maureen Murphy 2009 Ladies' President
William Moore 2009 Mens Captain
John Hayes 2009 President
Isabel Mills 2010 Ladies Captain
Elfra Hewitt 2010 Ladies' President
Lindsay Boyd 2010 Mens Captain
John Hayes 2010 President
Muriel Robinson 2011 Ladies Captain
Marie Carroll 2011 Ladies' President
Trevor Geddis 2011 Mens Captain
Ivan Wilson 2011 President
Susan Carnson 2012 Ladies Captain
Marie Carroll 2012 Ladies President
Peter Farling 2012 Mens Captain
David Lindsay 2012 President
Frona Clarke 2013 Ladies Captain
Jean Rodgers
2013 Ladies President
Robert Wright 2013 Mens Captain
David Lindsay
2013 President
Barbara Martin 2014 Ladies Captain
Jean Rodgers 2014 Ladies President
Micheal Montgomery 2014 Mens Captain
John McMillen 2014 President
Kathleen McClements 2015 Ladies Captain
May Orr
2015 Ladies President
Arnold Andrews 2015 Mens Captain
John McMillen 2015 President
Yvonne Revill 2016 Ladies Captain
May Orr 2016 Ladies President
David Wilson 2016 Mens Captain
Robert Jellie
2016 President
Lillian Hawthorn 2017 Ladies Captain
Christine Mitchell
2017 Ladies President
James Johnston 2017 Mens Captain
Robert Jellie
2017 President
Margery Campbell 2018 Ladies Captain
  2018 Ladies President
Albert Harrison 2018 Mens Captain
Dessie Orr 2018 President
Heather Gibson 2019 Ladies Captain
Ann Hamilton 2019 Ladies President
Dessie Orr 2019 Mens Captain
Mervyn Marshall 2019 President
Maeve Bogie 2020 Ladies Captain
  2020 Ladies President
Andy McMasters 2020 Mens Captain
  2020 President
  2020 Lowest Ladie's H'cap
Mark Sloan 2020 Lowest Men's H'cap

Holes in One at Mahee Island

Member Date Hole No. Club Used Distance
Georgina Johnston 4 July 2005  17th   118 yd's
Darryl Moore 7 July 2009 17th   129 yd's
Ernie Blythe 21 April 2012 17th   129 yd's
Lesley Agar 16 July 2012 17th   118 yd's