Cushendall golf club Antrim

Cushendall golf course Antrim

Cushendall Golf Course

Cushendall Club Crest

This little gem of an 9-hole Parkland was designed by D. Delargy and has been in existence since 1939. Built on the shores of Red Bay, it offers majestic views of the Scottish Coast and the Mull of Kintyre. The River Dell meanders its way through the course and creates out of bounds on the 7th and 9th holes.

The Club has a very high membership for a 9-hole course in the region of 900 so it would be very advisable to ring in advance to ensure that a tee time is available when you wish to visit this "little gem".

Green Fees Midweek: £15
Green Fees Weekends & B.H: £20
Green Fees with a Member: £10/15
Green Fees for Opens:  £20
Practice Area:  Yes
Club Hire: No
Buggy Hire: No
Soft Spikes: No
Membership Available: Yes
Full Introductory Offer: £420
Full Ladies Membership Fee: £532
Full Gents Membership Fee: £527
Full Seniors Membership Fee: £500
Full Student Membership Fee: £112
Full Junior Membership Fee: £53
Full House Membership Fee: £50
Entrance Fee: No
Waiting List: None
Course Type Parkland
No Holes 9
Members 572
Designer D. Delargy
Founded 1937

21 Shore Road,
Co. Antrim
BT44 0NG

Telephone +44 (0)28-217-71318
Website Cushendall golf club website
Secretary/Manager: Karl Gallagher
Captain: Danny McAlister
Lady Captain: Juliana Jemphrey
Junior Boys' Captains': Dara McCollam
Junior Girls' Captain: Caoimhe Morgan
Presidents':  Martin Delargy & Anne Harvey
Vice-Captain's Philip Sharpe & Sara McKeegan
Hon. Secretary: Frankie Quinn, Andrew Burns & Joanne Elliott
Club Pro: None
Hon. Treasurer: James Kennedy, Henry McAlister & Brenda Carey
Comp. Secretary: Alastair Darragh & Cathleen McKillop
Cushendall Golf Course Layout Course Layout

Location Map

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General Facts & Information

Course opening hours: Daylight hours Clubhouse opening hours: 9.00am to 11.30pm
Mobile phones: Not on course
Dress Code: Neat and casual, no denim
Catering: Full catering facilities, by arrangement Days to Avoid: Wednesday pm, Thursday & Sunday am
Green Fees and Societies Welcome: Other times Pre-booking for open Tournaments:14 Days in advance

Cushendall Golf Club Fixtures 2023 provisional*

Open & Major Fixtures 2023 (to be Confirmed)        
Event Start Finish Type Duration
Lady President's Prize Saturday 17 June
Closed 1
Captain's Prize
Saturday 8 July   Closed 1
Lady Captain's Prize Saturday 22 July   Closed 1
President's Prize Saturday 19 August
  Closed 1
Singles Stableford Friday 3 March Sunday 5 March Open 3
Singles Stableford Saturday 4 March   Open 1
Singles Stableford Sunday 5 March   Open 1
Fundraising Golf Classic
Friday 17 March   Open 1
Ladies Singles Stableford Thursday 1 June
  Open 1
The Glens of Antrim Foursomes Monday 24 July Friday 28 July Open 5
The Glens of Antrim Foursomes Tuesday 25 July   Open 1
The Glens of Antrim Foursomes Wednesday 26 July   Open 1
The Glens of Antrim Foursomes Thursday 27 July   Open 1
The Glens of Antrim Foursomes Friday 28 July   Open 1
Con Magees Charity Day Friday 18 August
  Open 1

*Please check information before travelling

Card of the Course

Red Par 66 SSS 67 4,113 m
Green Par 66 SSS 62 4,171 m
Blue Par 66 SSS 63 4,379 m


Hole Name Hole No. Blue Green Par Index Red Par Index
Trostan 1 273 268 4 11 267 4 7
Lurigeidan 2 162 143 3 7 132 3 5
Kilnadore 3 284 284 4 3 284 4 9
Holm 4 264 258 4 9 253 4 11
Ailsacraig 5 143 122 3 13 86 3 17
Islay 6 240 239 4 17 240 4 13
Moyle 7 112 112 3 15 112 3 15
Ossian's Grave 8 352 347 4 1 345 4 1
Garron 9 352 309 4 5 340 4 3
  Out 2,181 2,082 33   2,059 33  
Trostan 10 269 268 4 12 269 4 10
Lurigeidan 11 162 143 3 6 132 3 6
Kilnadore 12 303 291 4 4 285 4 12
Holm 13 279 258 4 10 279 4 4
Ailsacraig 14 130 122 3 14 86 3 18
Islay 15 240 239 4 18 240 4 14
Moyle 16 112 112 3 16 112 3 16
Ossian's Grave 17 351 347 4 2 345 4 2
Garron 18 352 309 4 8 306 4 8
  In 2,198 2,089 33   2,054 33  
  Total 4,379 4,171 66   4,113 66  
  SSS 63     62     67    

Notable rounds

Men's Course Record:  59 Alister McGregor (3) 2005

Ladies Course Record:

Members Achievements

Cushendall Golf Club qualified for the Quarter-Finals of the All-Ireland of the Irish Senior Cup at Tramore Golf Club on Saturday 3rd September 2022.
They were drawn against Lee Valley Golf Club and won their match by 3½-matches to 1½-matchhes.
They were led out by David Burns who lost his match by 2 and 1 against Keelan McCarthy, he was followed by Cathal MacCanna who had a 3 and 2 win against James Murphy, next on the tee was Christopher McLaughlin who had a convincing 4 and 2 win against Ian Bohane, in the penultimate match Ronan McCambridge comfortable won his match against Darren Hourihan by 4 and 3 and the bottom match of Alistair McGregor against Jason Galway was halved when called-in.
The met Athenry Golf Club the following morning in the All-Ireland Semi-Final and won it by 3-matches to 2-matches.
Ronan McCambridge led them out this tome and went down to David Kitt by 6 and 5, next up was Christopher McLoughlin who went up the 19th before securing the point against Aaron Gilligan, he was followed by Cathal MacCanna who lost his match by the minimum against David Mooney, in the penultimate match David Burns also went up the 19th to secure his point against Sean O’Connell and in the bottom and deciding match Alistair McGregor won his match by 3 and 2 against Joe Bernie Jnr. and with that the place in the decider.
They met Carton House Golf Club in the All-Ireland Final in the afternoon and went down by 4-matches to 1-match against a star studded Kildare Club.
Cathal MacCanna led them out this time but went down by 4 and 3 against Aidan Dooley, he was followed by Ronan McCambridge who went down to Darragh Flynn by 6 and 4, next on the tee was Christopher McLoughlin who halved his match against Colin Cunningham, in the penultimate match David Burns went down to Keith Egan by 8 and 6 and the bottom match of Alistair McGregor against Paul O’Hanlon was halved when called-in.   

Cushendall Golf Club qualifies by winning their Ulster Regional Final of the Irish Junior Cup to reach the Quarter Finals at Limerick Golf Club on Saturday 18th September 2021 when they played Corrstown Golf Club when they lost out by 3-matches to 2-matches.
First on the tee was Christy McLoughlin who lost his match against Daniel Mahony by 3 and 2, he was followed by Ronan McCambridge who won his match by 5 and 4 against Graham Costigan, next up was Andrew Burns who lost out to Andrew Baker by 5 and 4, in the penultimate match Ali McGregor won his match against Paul Keogh by 3 and 2 and in the bottom match Ali McQuillan lost out to Jason Davis by 6 and 5.

Cushendall Golf Club won the North Antrim Shield in 2004, when the team was, H. Finlay, T. Naughton, P. Delaney, J. McManus, D. McKeegan, S. Gallagher, E. McKeegan, T. McCollam, C. Thompson, B. McAuley and C. O'Loan.

The boys of Cushendall Golf Club won the Moyle Cup in 2004, when the team was, Vincent Miskelly, Conan McToal, Aaron Griffin, Seamus McNaughton, Michael McCarthy, Conor Carson, Ray Cochrane, James Agnew, Kevin McDonnell, Lisa Messina, Michael McKeegan, Mark McKeegan, Alastair Agnew, Eamon O'Neill, Rachael McKillop, Niamh Cochrane, Conor McAlister, Conor Darragh, David Messina, Oonagh Graham and Paul Magill. 

The Ladies of Cushendall Golf Club were Ulster Champions in the Menolly Homes Four Ball-Betterball in 2004, when the team was, Rosin Darragh, Monica Morgan, Paddy Ree, Oonagh Graham, Bernie McAlister, Amelia McKillop, Patricia O'Brien, Helen Connolly, Dolores McDonnell and Fiona Messina, they were captained by Deirdre Kearney.

Prior to 2001

Cushendall Golf Club won the All-Ireland Barton Shield in 1959, when the team was, Danny Anderson, Harry McDevitt, J. D. McSparram and others.

Cushendall Golf Club won the Ulster Championship of the Pierce Purcell Shield in 1988, when the team was, G. Agnew, B. McNaughton, B. Macauley, C. Thompson, D. O'Hara, A. Darragh, J. O'Neill, A. McNaughton, B. Mort, M. Delargy, S. McLaughlin, A. Thompson and J. McIlroy, they were captained by E. McCambridge.

Cushendall won the Christie Flag in 1975, when the team was, B. Thompson and S. McKillop.

The Ladies of Cushendall Golf Club were ILGU Northern District B Team winners in 1997, when the team was, Amelia McKillop, Paddy Rea, Ann Higgins, Monica Morgan, Deirdre Kearney, Patricia O'Brien, they were captained by Margaret Diamond assisted by Moya Hinds.

History of Cushendall

Cushendall Golf Club was founded in 1937 when a meeting was called in the Glens of Antrim hotel on Saturday 4th December "for all those interested in the formation of a Golf Club and the acquisition of lands for same" by Mr Larry Morahan. Fifty nine invitations were issued and twenty three turned up.
Mr James McSparran, who was elected Chairman, reported that Legge grounds were available for lease at a yearly rent of £35.  He said that £140 would be required to run the Club for the first year.  He proposed that the fees should be 2 guineas each and he himself started the ball rolling with 2 guineas plus 3 guineas. 5 guineas were also contributed by Dr A.McSparran, Dr D.McSparran, A.McAlister, L.Morahan, E.Sweeney, J.Moonan, D.Lynn, G.McMeekin, J.Murray, J.Black, M.Anderson, and Fr.Connelly.  2 guineas came from J Hamill, H.Dobbs, J.Faulkner, D.McAlister, C.McCullagh and Sergeant Connell while G.B.Newe and J.McAuley contributed 1 guinea each for a total of 85 guineas.
The following were elected trustees to negotiate a lease:-E.Sweeney, A.McAlister, J.McSparran, J.Moonan and M.Anderson.  L.Morahan was elected Hon .Secretary while J.Moonan was elected Hon.Treasurer.
Messers J.Hamill, Dr A.McSparran and Sergeant Connell were asked to go around the area and solicit subscriptions.
At the 1st A.G.M,held on 18th February 1938 in the Glens of Antrim Hotel Mr J.McSparran was elected the 1st captain of Cushendall Golf Club.

Roll of Honour

Member Year Hon. Position
N. Macaulay 1989 Ladies Captain
Anne Lewis  1989 Ladies President
M. Kelly 1989 Men's Captain
D. Anderson 1989 President
M. McErlean 1990 Ladies Captain
Anne Lewis  1990 Ladies President
S. McCollam 1990 Men's Captain
D. Anderson 1990 President
M. Hinds 1991 Ladies Captain
Anne Lewis  1991 Ladies President
E. McMullan 1991 Men's Captain
D. Anderson 1991 President
E. Brogan 1992 Ladies Captain
Anne Lewis  1992 Ladies President
P. Crummey 1992 Men's Captain
P. J. Clerkin 1992 President
M. O'Neill 1993 Ladies Captain
Anne Lewis  1993 Ladies President
F. Wheeler 1993 Men's Captain
P. J. Clerkin 1993 President
M. Turnly 1994 Ladies Captain
Anne Lewis  1994 Ladies President
L. McKavanagh 1994 Men's Captain
P. Clerkin 1994 President
L. Morgan 1995 Men's Captain
Anne Lewis  1995 Ladies President
P. J. Clerkin 1995 President
B. Allen 1996 Ladies Captain
Anne Lewis  1996 Ladies President
F. McNaughton 1996 Men's Captain
P. J. Clerkin 1996 President
D. Mitchell 1997 Ladies Captain
Anne Lewis  1997 Ladies President
C. Delargy 1997 Men's Captain
B. Johnston 1997 President
M. Diamond 1998 Ladies Captain
Maureen Scally 1998 Ladies President
R. McBride 1998 Men's Captain
B. Johnston 1998 President
D. Kearney 1999 Ladies Captain
Maureen Scally 1999 Ladies President
M. McKillop 1999 Men's Captain
B. Johnston 1999 President
C. Connolly 2000 Ladies Captain
Maureen Scally 2000 Ladies President
F. Connolly 2000 Men's Captain
S. McCollam 2000 President
Eithne McGavock 2001 Ladies Captain
Eilish Clerkin 2001 Ladies President
Martin Delargy 2001 Men's Captain
S. McCollam 2001 President
Catherine McKillop 2002 Ladies Captain
Eilish Clerkin 2002 Ladies President
Arthur Harvey 2002 Men's Captain
Seamus McCollam 2002 President
Brenda Carey 2003 Ladies Captain
Eilish Clerkin 2003 Ladies President
George Wheeler 2003 Men's Captain
Colm Thompson 2003 President
Christine Blaney 2004 Ladies Captain
Moya Hinds 2004 Ladies President
Tommy Campbell 2004 Men's Captain
Colm Thompson 2004 President
Margaret O'Hara 2005 Ladies Captain
Moya Hinds 2005 Ladies President
Gary Agnew 2005 Men's Captain
Colm Thompson 2005 President
Mary T. McCann 2006 Ladies Captain
Moya Hinds 2006 Ladies President
Alistair Darragh 2006 Men's Captain
Colm Thompson 2006 President
Fiona Delargy 2007 Ladies Captain
Moya Hinds 2007 Ladies President
Willie Blaney 2007 Men's Captain
Colm Thompson 2007 President
Anne Haarvey 2008 Ladies Captain
Eileen Johnston 2008 Ladies President
Oliver McCollam 2008 Men's Captain
Colm Thompson 2008 President
Colette O'Hagan 2009 Ladies Captain
Eileen Johnston 2009 Ladies President
Donal Lynn 2009 Men's Captain
Colm Thompson 2009 President
Imelda McCollam 2010 Ladies Captain
Monica Morgan 2010 Ladies President
Malachy Delargy 2010 Men's Captain
Colm Thompson 2010 President
Brid Buckley 2011 Ladies Captain
Monica Morgan 2011 Ladies President
Tom Naughton 2011 Men's Captain
Colm Thompson 2011 President
Amelia McCarthy 2012 Ladies Captain
Monica Morgan 2012 Ladies President
Joe McKavanagh 2012 Men's Captain
Niall Wheller 2012 President
Brid Stewart 2013 Ladies Captain
Colette Delargy
2013 Ladies President
Austin McCarthy 2013 Men's Captain
Niall Wheller
2013 President
Colette Delargy 2014 Ladies President
Rose Grant 2014 Ladies Captain
Charlie McCurry 2014 Men's Captain
Niall Wheller 2014 President
Colette Delargy
2015 Ladies President
Emilie Maguire 2015 Ladies Captain
Christopher Barratt 2015 Men's Captain
Shaun McLaughlin 2015 President
Rose Campbell 2016 Ladies President
Anne Marie Miskelly 2016 Ladies Captain
Hugh McManus 2016 Men's Captain
Shaun McLaughlin 2016 President
Rose Campbell 2017 Ladies President
Anne McDonnell 2017 Ladies Captain
Kevin McCann 2017 Men's Captain
Shaun McLaughlin 2017 President
Moira O'Neill 2018 Ladies President
Eveleen McCurry 2018 Ladies Captain
Andrew Burns 2018 Men's Captain
Joe O'Neill Snr. 2018 President
Deirdre Kearney 2019 Ladies President
Derval Delargy 2019 Ladies Captain
Joe O'Neill Jrn.
2019 Men's Captain
Joe O'Neill 2019 President
Karl Fox 2019 Boys Junior Captains
Claire Delargy 2019 Girls Junior Captains
Deirdre Kearney 2020 Ladies President
Siobhan O'Grady 
2020 Ladies Captain
Dominic Harvey 2020 Men's Captain
Joe O'Neill 2020 President
P, J. McDonnell 2020 Boys Junior Captain
Clare Stewart 2020 Girls Junior Captain
Deirdre Kearney 2021 Ladies President
Siobhán O'Grady 2021 Ladies Captain
Dominic Harvey 2021 Men's Captain
Joe O'Neill 2021 President
P, J. McDonnell
2021 Boys Junior Captain
Clare Stewart
2021 Girls Junior Captain
Deirdre Kearney
2022 Ladies President
Mary O'Kane 2022 Ladies Captain
David Macaulay 2022 Men's Captain
Martin Delargy
2022 President
John V. Morgan
2022 Boys Junior Captain
Erin McCambridge 2022 Girls Junior Captain
Anne Harvey 2023 Ladies President
Juliana Jemphrey 2023 Ladies Captain
Danny McAlister 2023 Men's Captain
Martin Delargy 2023 President
Dara McCollam 2023 Boys' Junior Captain
Caoimhe Morgan 2023 Girls' Junior Captain
Amelia McKillop (10) 2023 Lowest Ladies Handicap
Alistair McGregor (2) 2023 Lowest Men's Handicap
Ronan McCambridge 2023 Lowest Men's Handicap
Cathal MacCanna 2023 Lowest Men's Handicap
David Burns 2023 Lowest Men's Handicap
Christopher McLoughlin 2023 Lowest Men's Handicap

Holes in One at Cushendall

Member Date Hole No. Club Used Distance
Paddy Rea 31 July 2010 7th 9-iron 112 m
David Burns
29 March 2014
2th   162 m
 Owen Fyfe 19 March 2023 5th   122 m